Cities Visited:  Boston, New York, Nashville and Washington, DC

Times Detained:  24
FBI | White House Secret Service | Homeland Security | Federal Protective Services | Special Agents | Capitol Hill Police
DC Police | National Park Police | Fairfax County Police | Nashville Police | Alexandria Police

RT | Sands of Anonymous on Million Mask March | 5 NOV 2014
WONKETTE | God-Appointed Sheriff Lady Will Defend America From President Obama Bin Laden Her Own Self | 29 JUL 2014

Song for Nashville by The Polymath Poet
NASHVILLE SCENE | Wikid Awesome:  WikiLeaks Anonomobile Spotted in Nashville | 16 JAN 2014
MOTHERBOARD | That Nude Photo Was For My Boyfriend:  Dispatches From The Stop Watching Us Protest | 26 OCT 2013


Since the world cannot trust private billionaire banker-owned mass media to inform the public, God has appointed Anonymous and WikiLeaks to reveal the truth and Occupy to guard it.  John 8:32.  Unite with us as we stand against worldwide corruption.  Driven by The Polymath Poet, the Anon Mobile Unit has an external sound system and dropdown screen to play documentary videos and the Revolution Music Video Channel.   Anon Goliath, the first-born of many brethren anonomobiles (now expanding in the USA and Australia), is the Great American RevoltMillion Mask March and Occupy DC 2014 advertising billboard information dissemination government transparency intelligence force machine and is now in live action (thank you, Turtleman) on the streets of Washington, DC.  

Overthrowing the United States government is legal as long as you don’t advocate or use violence, so don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. 

The Anonomobile Prototype: Stripes Urban Assault Vehicle

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Disclaimer“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. “
Thomas Jefferson