10 FEB 2016
  Michael Moore ICU update & 12 FEB RELEASE of “Where to Invade Next” in THEATERS *
  Sands Appointed Chair of  The New Fed *  and  Assange FREE by Year of Jubilee 123 
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World Militia Interpol Bureau Chief General Sands

After FBI called my family & came uninvited to my home years ago, I was detained 26 times by the following:  FBI, White House Secret Service, Homeland Security, Federal Protective Services, Alexandria Police, Special Agents, Capitol Hill Police, DC Police, National Park Police, Fairfax County Police, Nashville Police & Scotland Yard. The only arrest was Easter 2015 for binding the Devil in the UK.

RT | Sands of Anonymous on Million Mask March | 5 NOV 2014
WONKETTE | God-Appointed Sheriff Lady Will Defend America From President Obama Bin Laden Her Own Self | 29 JUL 2014
POLYMATH POET | Song for Nashville | 2014 
NASHVILLE SCENE | Wikid Awesome:  WikiLeaks Anonomobile Spotted in Nashville | 16 JAN 2014
MOTHERBOARD | That Nude Photo Was For My Boyfriend:  Dispatches From The Stop Watching Us Protest | 26 OCT 2013

anonomobile_dcAnonomobile Prototype →Stripes Urban Assault Vehicle
Anon Goliath now in Salvation Army Retirement

Year of Jubilee in Effect:  GreatAmericanRevolt.org

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. “
Thomas Jefferson


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